H bridge with ULN2003

Brand new circuit that you will fin nowhere on the internet.. he he cos i found this out. Well runnig DC motors for a robot you can very happily use this low cost circuit that using a L293D for Rs175!! in this circuit i have put a H-Bridge circuit with u ULN 2003 Ic that costs just 12 bucks.


okie now i assume the circuit is very easy to understand.. A" and B" are the two control signals.. givin a high to any one of them wil make the motor move in one direction while a signal to the other will mover it in opposite direction.The main asvantage of this circuit being that you can adjust the voltage applied to the motor by cahgig the sypply at collector of the BC107.(sorry people for not puttin " >" at the emitter. assume it to be down!!) i almost got my recor torn by my techer for not putyting the arrow at the emitter in my secon semester of college!!!<>

 Its all about !!!


Author: Madan Thangavelu

Software Engineer

10 thoughts on “H bridge with ULN2003”

  1. Hello,
    I’m trying to implement this circuit to drive a floppe drive stepper motor (4-wires, bipolar). I’m confused on how to connect the wires to the outputs. What are the blue and red lines (wires) for?
    Thank you

  2. hi u r circuit is interesting and simple but even 175 is too costly for me newbie is it ok if i use nots and diodes instead of the chip ULN2003

  3. this circuit works but it doesn’t seem to be sensible to have two bare transistors allowing a high current through them.

  4. well i don think you are grounding any high current through them. but then this is just representation . ppl are supposed to add proper resistances at the base. But this doesn drain any high current. It is the ULN2003 that drains some 500mA

    Any suggestions prasanna?

  5. But where is the circuit for H bridge implementation with ULN2003? It is not showing the image of circuit

  6. hi
    i want to used uln2003 as driver ic to control the stepper motor for FPGA…………….
    will you help me

  7. what is the circuit for foreward and reverse direction movement of the stepper motor,using ic uln 2003 and how it will implement can u please suggest me?

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