Generate video Signals using Microcontroller

I was sweepin around the net searching for nice project ideas..This thing hit me hard. The topic in itself is so damn hi tech. I found this site at the third page of google down the bottom of the page.Damn what a thought. Now he his taking about generting video signals using PIC microcontroller. What Richard (claims 26,Engineer from sweeden) has don is that he has created the Ping Pong game that is powered by your microcontroller and the video runs on TV. and he says he has also created a tetris game. Aren’t these interesting to learn.He has given code for download but i still think the details about the working are pretty less but trust me getting hold of the concept in itself is pretty difficult.

In short let me put it this way you need to gernerate such signals levels in the form of binary and tyhen use a D/A converter to get the signal levels.Once you know how T.V works and what the signal looks like you can always generate the signeal like the ones below.


now as of i’m concerned it will be pretty difficult for newbies to understand this. As of i’m concerned i’m seriously hard hiot by this idea and i’l be trying to do is just to write up alphabets on screen. Below are the screen shots of the Ping Pong and Tetris games that he has created

Tetris Ping Pong


now can you believe these are on TV screens and they are generated by a microcontroller. well check his site here

have a look and give your comments on this find.In case you people know anything on this please draft it and tell me more.


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