Taking off for exams

Hi people.. i have exams starting from 23rd of this month and have finished 3 units of the 30 units i'm supposed to have studied or rather study. welli have one day off between each exam so hopin to see day break on all those days (After a long time, used to get up by 12 noon daily!!!). well cheers to u all. exam gets over on 5th june until then i will not be updating. i promise u realy technical cute things when i'm back. cya guys.

And befor3e i leave have a look at the pic that is the microcontroller we are actually discussing on the tab on the listings above. din have time to open that page up and make changes.. so for time bein this pic of PIC wud do i guess!!


and this is my latest project to simulate stop watch using microcontroller and LCD. Well i'l soon put the code and the circuits and programs for that up when i'm back until then..


on june 9th i'l put up a VB LCD simulator also. keep  a watch at this space…well bye.. mom is scolding for bein online too much. GOOD BYE till june 5.  


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