Dream Of Every Engineer

This is actualy a video that i came across over the internet. I felt this was a very good piuece of instpiraton towhat we are tryiong to learn here. I guess for anyone who visit sites like "Robotics – Nuts and bolts" to learn more about robotics will one day want to make up something like this below.

The Piece of work is a masterpiece according to me,Robotics at its best.I myself want to end up making one such thing in future that communicate with people like the vicky in "Small wonders" (a series that used to come on start plus 'Hindi' earlier in english in start world i guess). well now i just thot all this would take a lot of time and cash. Well me sream remains as it is as i still can't find resourses and more importantly cash. Anybody reading this dreams of somehting like this and has a plan do contact me. lets get it running up on its feet.

Ppl do let me know about how to approach. One method of making it what i thot was to just use my scrap comp's CPU and the run MATLAB on it to do simultaneous voice and video processing and give command through the ports of computer and cntrol the moving masterpiece.. More importantly i want to make a matrix of some kinda sensor and detect touch like the matrix keyboard detects the touch and deciphers the key. In a similar way i thought of using some array and detecting touch location and giving appropriate reactions…

Ha well all this quite far from where i am now still these are defenitely things that'l be hot on the stove in future.. cooking and cooking… ooooH smells good!!!! (sounds rather hehe).. Well anyone shares such cooking ideas so post it to me, Lets get the dude up and alive.. Cya guys and Many photos of this creature are put up here.



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