FTP – The Feel Free Factor!!

Are you one of those who is crazy about web hosting. Do you search around for free web hosts who give you good services and yet do not charge a penny.Well i can understand, you are already tired searching for a host that balances all odds and evens. guys with more MB and less bandwidth/month hmmm…Few offer good BW and space but jack you with a whole lot of ads… Well in all these odds you might eventually find one that would just about satisfy your ego of havin a site free of cost yet not much ads on it and just enough to promote your small online digital storage over the net!!

Well here i’m not givin or suggestin a web host.Rather I felt most of you might find it so irritating using the web building support that they offer. U would rather build it on your comp and someway transport it to their server…Aha precisely what i’m goin to tell you.

Heard about FTP?? Well its File Transfer Protocol. You do not need to be a genius to know that. Well this post features on my page (robotics) for the very simple fact that I own this site and i’m one of those i refered in the first para of this post!! 🙂

Well now to start with. Its like this, You make the web page on your comp and then you transfer that file to that server using a FTP program.In that program you just need to give your host address and the password and username. So instead of you going page by page through their ill designed website and slow speed support you can always directly throw in the file into the basket from whereever you are.

Alritght,now that you know what it is i will just explain you 5 steps . Just do that and you will get to know what it is and start using it.

STEP 1: Take up an account with a free provider who supports FTP transfer. To learn I suggest http://www.bravenet.com . Just sign up and get account name. Do confirm mail and then login and select a free domain name from the site.

STEP 2: After you have been given a domain name you will be in this page of theirs.just track the red markings that i have put…


here you will see this in the middle of the page

cool now these are three parameters which u needed to know.

STEP 3: now to get the FTP software(3Mb) download smart FTP from http://www.download.com/SmartFTP-Client/3000-2160_4-10543387.html

then install it and enter the three paraemeters in the space given and just Connect. You may see the detailed description of download it and installation in the link below. It will also give you locations to enter the three things that you have got from your servide provider.This is my site and note that though you will register to bravenet your domain will be bravehost okie . Don jus get confused!!!


STEP 4: Well this is the best part of the whole lot. Now just drag and drop any file into the place that i have shown . You can create,delete folders/files as you do on a normal comp and it will get updated in their server. NOTE: Do you see the file smartftp.swf. Because i have put it in the folder http://siliconvalley.bravehost.com/ it thus gets the location of the video you all saw. and the index too. Well this way you can jus feel like working on your own hard disk still get things updated on the server.

STEP 5: This is just to disconnect.. just right click the red region in the above picture and select “close” which puts an end to your session with that server. You man open sessions with any number of servers at a time.

Point to note is,every other time you need to update it you just have to delete(one click) and drag a new copy into it. and that saves you from going page by page and doin all these work on the host’s website..

Anybody who has a fair idea about http can undestand this post so clearly.In case you have a prob or basic doubt jus drop in a comment and otherwise also!!! enjoy making your site.



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