LCD Simulator – Easy way out (Correction made, was wrong earlier!!)

If your are one of the few very new to LIQUID CYSTAL DISPLAY then you will find using this Piece of simulator very usefull. All you have to do is just connect the circut as suggested in the user manual and just click select what you want to see on your LCD screen. After doing all the transitions that you will want to,you can check step by step result or the a sigle click excuton option. just can copy the values that needs to be sent to your PORT to get those transition on your LCD using you own port control software or your program in C or VB etc, and use it in your own code Be it your computer based project that involves LCD or your Microcontroller project.

So this comes in handy for even experinces user cos it saves all the time to sit down and calculate the series of values to the port. For people who just want to analyze LCD and don't have the harware or may be, you donot know circut riggin etc.. Well there's an onboard Simulator screen where you can wathch how the LCD would behave if connected.

Key feeature that will amuse you most is that , If you happened to connect an external LCD and run a code. You can just watch the exact same thing on your computer screen(SImularot LCD screen) and on the exretnal LCD display.

Do download ans comment your feed back.

REQIREMENTS: The code is VB based and built on .NET 2 environment if you don't have one then just download it from MICROSOFT (34 MB)



*********Please Also add this DLL file to your system folder

Try useing it and give me your feed back. The circut used is in the usermanual.but in case you are one who can learn a software clicking around i you can have a look at the circuit here than downloading the user mannual which is around 1.8MB.

This is the cicuit for which the simulator is designed for.

Enjoy Displaying. Please note that you must have a .NET environmetn to open the EXE, I have given the link from where you can download it.

NOTE: Please close the application by selecting the "EXIT" in the top of the window and not just by closing using the "X" becuse the process keeps running . otherwise the process can be terminated using the cntrl+alt+delete —>End process "simulcd.exe"



3 thoughts on “LCD Simulator – Easy way out (Correction made, was wrong earlier!!)

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  2. Hello,

    Unfortunately the link of the download of simulcd and the manual doesn`t work anymore. Could you perhaps send me the right links or can upload the files again?
    Thanks in advance

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