Robotics Transforms to Invobot

Well sitting up late night i was just thinking if the the name “Robotics” was a bit too old fassioned and its high time i changed it. Hmmm not driven by any emotion or public demand and just a passtime thought i’d thot INVOBOT made a cool name. Thought of other names but then thought this will fit it. probably invobot would dtand for INNOVATION in ROBOTICS. inovation well the first thing that stuck me was “inova”BOT hey stop i’m not running a car company.. “invi”bot what is invi for god sake… Eureka “INVOBOT“. So here’s the all fresh robotics tech page and the address is

keep in touch


P.S :- I came to know from Ganesh that few ppl read through my post and has few teahnical doubts. Why not post a comment than asking it through ppl i know.well feel free to leave a comment incase u have any proble.


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