Microsoft Steps into ROBOTICS

Microsoft on 20th june that's last tuesdayanounced its forst ever ROBOTIC research group and Its first robotics software. It seems the sooftware will be publically availabe for download .It expects robotics enthusiasts worldover to bring in their hardware and technology together under its software.Microsoft now has stepped into this finally possibly to make ints step first into this unventured field. Tabdy trover, general manager of microsoft robotics ersearch group described robotics field as very similar to that of computers in the late 70's true.

Microsoft stepped into computers and today it is a big player around.Now that it has stepped into robotics i see the company far ahead in say 2030. I'd like someone new man. I'm in no way against microsoft but then i feel some new player should step in. anyway lets get back to the news. Microsoft is not very sure about the exact application for which robotics in future will be used for. I guess someone who comes up with an awesome idea about Application of robotics in future and let Microsoft know about it will get hs dreamn sum of dollars.

At this point of time i guess microsoft just wants jto lend out its development software and let billions of robotic dudes ponder oon its applications and let it devlop.Well that's always the case.

Hmmm… Not to take off any credits from them, Good that they are vcoming up with something like this and we'l all just wait ans see what the software is all about.


P.S :-
–>Read more about it here.

Watch A video Here:


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Steps into ROBOTICS

  1. hi madan
    i was just goin thru ur blog…..and i don think i can ever find so much info in one place.
    can u give me ideas to implement a kicking mechanism in a football robot ….for example i wanna design the striker part of it …………….thanks !!!!

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