Make A IR Based Mice Robot

Well this is just a small mousey bot that can be make quickly from you old computer mouse froM the junk. The small DC motors would give it the speed and it'l almost not his and obstacle but avoid and keep running around on the floor. IR sensors would form the eyes of the bot so that it doesn't his obstacles. It will make a cool bot to show to yopur friends and put them in awe ! ,come lets get it done.

The basic concept is this way:
–>The two motors on the side propels the mouse fast in front
–>When an obstacle is detected in front the signal From IR is stops one of the motor from moving thus turning the bot to one side.
–>So the bot never hits and moves like a real mouse searching its way through.

As you can see in figure A) the two motors on the side propels the bot in front and then once the front IR recieves the presence of obstacle then the one of the motors stops moving thus rotating the bot to one side.The key feature that makes the bot ammusing is the speed at which it moves due to the motor.

Mechanical Setup:-
There's actually nothing much as mechanical setup. Just stick two motors on eithr side ot the mouse as show in fig A) below. It must be inclined as shown in figure B) which is its front side view.

Circuit Involved :-

–>Citcuit involves just two 7805 regulator and one BC107 transistor.
–>i guess ouy are able to see the circuit involved here.
–>The two motors runs on direct supply from the battery with a 7805 regulator in between.which is to just isolate the supply to the other motor when one motor supply is grounded
–>When the IR sensor detects the obstacle it willl give a 5v signal which drives the Transistor and groud the supply to the motor 2 thus stopping it.
–>While motor 1 is still running the bot turns right.
–>As soon as the IR sensor stops detecting the obstacles it drives the other motor too driving the bot in front.

If you have even a little basics in electronics you can follow this circuit. In case you'l need explanation please leave a comment.

The Ir cicuit need to be the one i suggested only to get it working properly. I have given the links on all the words "IR sensor" above. Take a lookj at theat and design the IR sircuit for this bot.

–>For the IR circuit vitis my post about IR sensors. Stessing this because most other IR detectors availabe on the net may not give 5v on signal detection but mine wiil hence stressed it a bit too much.

Author: Madan Thangavelu

Software Engineer

12 thoughts on “Make A IR Based Mice Robot”

  1. hey… a beginer and im really intrested in ur mice robot but i really dint undestand the ir led receiver and emitter , that black tape concept, what is IR Rx and IR Tx ,how to put that big ckt in a small mouse box and do u have the real image of ur mice robot…plzzzzzzzz send me a detailed description on mice robot with photos if possible. i have a project fair coming sooon at my college so plz send the details to my email id

  2. hi i am making a microcontroller base line follower . i made a sensor with ldr but that is behaving so unpredictably..can u help me by sending a schematic of ir sensor using tsop combining with motor controller ic.please reply soon time is running out of my hand

  3. hi sir iam shiva ,sir can u please tell me how to connect those ir transmitter and reciever because there will be 2 terminals .sir waiting for replay pleaseeeeeeeeee

  4. thanx a lot for the project I was just looking for the one..can u also tell me how to connect this bot to parallel port if I wan to enhance it some more.

  5. hey,
    i am making a micromouse and i have written the program for it in turbo c. now i wanna compile it in a microcontroller (pic 16f877). can u pls help me on how to compile it.. cos i am not able to do the port interfacing for the motor and the sensor.

  6. hi
    i want to know how the reflected IR ray works on the circuit in detail and also how is it able to ground only the required motor.

  7. plz Help me out i want change this design and i want to control the mouse by using Remode control but when the mouse is about to it hit any thing it chang its diriection automaticlly plzzzzzzzzzzzz
    help me out……

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