Microsoft Bot Contest!! “Now Create Robots with Microsoft”

Well Gates doesn’t want you to make any bot to count his money nor his associates around the world. The contest is to make a bot for MSN messenger. Hey wait did MSN sound to you like an internet messaging service.. yeah you are right. Then what Bot to make??well you’l understand if you do this.

–>Open you msn messenger: all window versions will have one installed.
–> now if you donot have a hotmail id get it registered (you’l need it anyway to comtest) then once you have signid in into MSN messenger with your Id just add these contacts:
and talk to them!!!

–>Hi, found them talking stange?? Well don’t get surprised , They are the robots microsoft wants us to make.

I wondered if this was about robots at all ?? do you. (leave a comment about this. A topic to be diuscussed) . Wellthis is a contest that can fetchyou upto 20 laks in INR and $40,000 if you win. Microsoft gives lnk to three robot builders to write up you code. suggestions of the extent to which they would want that robot to work for you to make your winning chance better is all discussed in their webpage. Link upto them here

Try it out. I found that the best part in creating it is to decide your response for various question. I wrote up one to make the user say “sorry” before the bot ever responded to him, he he he… it was FUN. i crated and tested it only on my computer and not on the network. i downloaded the ‘Conversagent™ BuddyScript SDK‘. but will soon download Akonix® L7 Builder™ SDK but its about a 102Mb :(.

You’l have to download the IDE’s and create your bot and set it up in a place which they provide at and then submit to the contest. Registration essentiually means submiting your dfinished robot.

Try it out . Its open for students an professionals and just about anybody, Who knows you can chill out with some cash at the end of it.

In case you are contestint pls comment it here so that you can help people who do not know what to do further once they are stuck somewhere!!

–>I personally have nothing with MSN or microsoft but i think this contest is just about a great stategy to get more people sign up with MSN and popularise the IDE’s.Hey don’t get suspicious, do try it.


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