Invobot at 3rd Position!!!

Take a deap breath. chill out this was just five minutes after the counter was reset at 12 midnight today. Had fun watching this. had only 10 clicks in that time still had fun watching invobot on Rank 3. Next reset i’l make it on Position 1. I’m sure about it.Its all about Tricks but then thecurrent rating is noway imfluenced by me. I do not host indianbloggers site!

This is just a screensshot not a digitally modified image.

Next time i’l get ppl click to my site the moment the counter resets so will feel happy seeing my site on the First postion for the first few minutes of the Reset.Feel good factor u know!!!



One thought on “Invobot at 3rd Position!!!

  1. Hey this was just for fun.. din really hold inn 3rd position. when counter resets i tried out the stunt and asked few ppl to click it 🙂 . afterall its fun

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