Servo Motor

You have all the way known only mototrs that rotatewhen you give in power?.Well did u want to have motors  that can be positioned in a particular angle them move them to different location. If you are making a robonoid u can’t think of any other motor than a Servonmotor.
This motor has an inbuilt circuitry to position the axle in a particular position based on the pulse width to its input. Varying the pulse width will result in changing the position of the motor.

This motor will help you make your bot in many ways. you may use it to steer the front wheel of your back wheel driven robot .You may happily use it to make a humanoiid arm movement system or just about any jijnt for the humanoid. i guess it is or great help when u can accurately position your motor. Afterall having a full control non what you do is what everyone will want.

How It Works 

I guess it is straight forward. You may see in the picture below,The pulse width of the input is shown on the left and you may see the different postion of the motot axle to your right.

Now you may generate this pulse using your microcontroller very easily or use a 555 to generate various pulsewidth using a variabl POT at the frequency determining pins. i guess things are pretty clear. If you do not know how to do this using 555 son worry i’l get that to you soon.Will also get the MicroC code for steering soon.

If you are beginig to make a bot donot goto DC motor but go for Servomotors cos they give a good torque.hey does it sound contradictory???. Did i say that we can adjust the postion of the axle then how de hell to make it run continuously. Well there is a small hack that you’l find all around the internet to do that. So guys try using this motor. It will make a good Geared DC motor with an inbuilt circuitry.

Do use it.Do  Comment your feedbacks.


6 thoughts on “Servo Motor

  1. well i also read some articles where robo wrk movements were made easy using stepper motor..

    when there is an object in front of robo..using IR sensors n algorithm we can determine the exact angle for rotation on each stepper motor in the robo arm..then the arm can reach the object..

    do u suggest servo motors r efficient than stepper when we just wanna do basic robo arm movements..there is also cost cutting problem.. could u discuss this topic

  2. cost cutting hmm.. nope. but then you’l generate better torque in servomotor than in small stepper motor.Stepper motors jus cost 50 bucks at ritchie street in the junk shop and about 200 is the cost of new one. But if u use servo u have to use controller to work it out and also will cost more.

  3. where do you get servo motors in chennai?
    i searched hi and low for one in ritchie street.
    i study in ur college maybe u can help me.

  4. if you want servo motors i can get it from my friend who buys me them when i need. you may contact me . I’l get you the cost and the size.if you could come to my class ,meet me i’l help u out thyagarajan.. i guyy u are the person ganesh intro at the bus bay?

  5. Hi madan.. I would like to know from where i can purchase servo motors .. i mean i m in orissa and would like to get them buy order.. also what will they cost ?? do mail me the details ..

  6. hey madan m new to the servo motors n cant get a thing that u explained in dis piece of info..can u plz elaborate on it and mail me..plz.

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