My mobile used to warn me for ” No space for new messages” often , as i used get many forwarded messages very often from my friend!.Wondering about the traffic in my single mobile ,I started comparing it with the companies conducting sms contests!.Definitely they would end up with a crash,I thought.But that was not true,with the Sms Gateways , provided for this purpose.


sms gateway

A technology that routes all the messages to thier destination, making sure that none go missing on the way – sms gateway!.This technology helps to effectively manage large number of messages in the network.

How Does This Work?

A SMS Gateway routes all the incoming messages from various mobile phone operators to the client’s server.It can also send bulk SMSs to many mobile numbers from the server.All these works are one by a customised software program.This technology is use by many number of businesses to manage thier business and generate revenue.

The SMSC(Short Message Service Centre)is used by the mobile operators for peer to peer messaging.When a user sends a message , it is first recieved by the SMSC that is located on the mobile operator’s location and then sent to the desired number.

On the other hand, An SMS Gateway acts as a open interface between various mobile operators and the client’s application.When a person wants to participate in a sms contest, he sends a message to the desired number , which is first recieved by the SMSC and then the message reaches the SMS Gateway at the service provider’s end.The service provider then routes all the messages through its gateway to the company’s application.This could be an FTP.HTTP,or SMPP protocol.The server automatically responds to the queries and no manual intervention is needed.The server actually transfers the SMS protocol to Html format , which is then send to the web server or companies sms application.Finally they use the same technolegy to inform u about the results!

So, with this gateway 3 sms based solutions are possible,

Outbound campaign
– sends bulk sms to all costemers in the database of the company.

Inbound campaigns – allows companies to recieve messages from subscribers.

SMS solutions for business processes – They also helps the companies in various business processes like marketing, database updates, virus alerts etc by integrating with the back-end applications like intranet, database, ERP solutions etc

This is the latest technolgy , fetching more revenue for SMS based businesses.

– Praveen


5 thoughts on “SMS GATEWAY!!

  1. Finally I found a good explanation on the SMS gateway technology. However, I still have a few doubts on these questions:
    1) What is the device that the SMS gateway is installed? Is it a Server?
    2) If it is a server/PC, then where should this device be connected to ? The Internet? Or the Mobile-operator (just like a receiving cellphone)?
    3) From the routing process, how does the company collect the revenues?

  2. the sms gateway is just a server configured to the gateway software or application to route all the inbound messages to the particular destination(client’s application).

  3. Is the server connected to the internet or a GSM modem? What if I want to recive pictures or binary files to my server and didnt want to recive them by email but only sms what would be needed?

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