SPOT UR PLACE!!! Anywhere in the world!!

Just came across a classic website, that made me roam around the world thru satelite.Yeah.. i got my place marked there! you can also spot ur place in your city.

my place is here

The site consist of pictorial info on all over the world places taken from the satellite.and they are organised and managed using javascript programs – am sure this s a splendid job.The main features on this site is that u can mark ur place using the tools available in the menu at the top right.u can also search places if they are marked by somebody else before.

The other features are the zoom level, that can be adjusted for our convenience and the scale at the bottom that differs according to the places we drag on the page.All these works are done using java scripting.

Now link to and have fun!



3 thoughts on “SPOT UR PLACE!!! Anywhere in the world!!

  1. hi…..! i read ur interview in magazin. i m 2nd year student of mech.even i m also interested in robotics. would u sujest me ?

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