Mechanical Flying Machine

Hi have you head about flying mechanical bird. Have u thot of a flyng machine that can flap its wings and fly high?? watch a video here and believe it.

This is a Flying machine built by Mr.Nanda Kumar ( . The flying machine (ornithopter)has won him limca world record and lot of credits. He is my good friend and an amazing electronics enthusiast.Its a eight minute video . Just watch it (Its worth it!!).

This is a metal bird that can fly by flapping its wings. It is hieghts of accuracy!! it is remote controlled to fly up/down and right/left. cheers to him. He claims to be able to make a flying machine like that with a dimension of 6 inches which can make it a world record!!

He currently holds his record for India’s First Ornithopter

You can now contact Mr. Nandakumar at and get more guidance about it.



18 thoughts on “Mechanical Flying Machine

  1. This is worderful invention by Mr.Nanda Kumar. This was recorded in feb 2003 but we came to know only on Sep 2006.I dont know why this weasn’t appreciated and popularised.

  2. Its really amazing.Worth of such a prestigeous award.U have done what Eng. in U.S. have been trying 4 years i.e. “Replicating Flying animals”
    Goodluck 4 future Projects

  3. Respected Sir,
    I just saw the above video and do not just respect Mr.Nanda Kumar but i am truly honoured to see the amazing video.
    I am into robotics for like a year & half & i am studying Third year Mechanical Engg. and would like to tell you that your efforts put in the machine bird are truly appreciable.
    Sir can i make one such ornithopter of my own. If you interested to help then pls let me know.I have already given my e-mail address.

    Thanking You,

  4. really wonderful work sir..well u should gear up for future projects in robotics which provide solutions for common man..
    can i have the pleasure of building my own bird..can u mail my e mail id plss

  5. Dear NandaKumar,
    It is a really exciting work. I greately appreciate and admire . See whether you can make a big and pedel powered machine to carry person .
    With best wishes and blessings,
    G.Balasubramanian Madurai ( Retired Physics Professor )

  6. Dear NandaKumar,
    Truly remarkable work. Why not release it as a Do It Yourself kit. In toys show room we find so many toys, but none to spark scientific temperament in children. There are things like gyroscopes etc to which children can get attracted.
    Could you make a instruction sheet for enthusiast to repeat your work on the lines of


  7. hi
    Great Work! Can anyone tell me how to contact Mr Nandakumar. I am a third year student at Aerospace IIT Bombay, and wish to promote his work here.

  8. Hi

    I am Nandakumar. This above said was my project. Previously I dont have enough time to reply all. Now I have switched my job and so now I can do some more development and guide somebody who is interested in this project.


  9. Hi

    I am Nandakumar. This above said was my project. Previously I dont have enough time to reply all. Now I have switched my job and so now I can do some more development and guide somebody who is interested in this project.mail me


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  11. Dear Nandakumar…!!
    It is really Marvelous job.In my dreams I always think is it possible to fly like this with our own simple resources.It is a remoted one but you did it wonderful.Go ahead ..again..
    with lots of admiration and blessings.

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