K guys,

Now that we have been working on lot of things.. its time to take some rest and let people serve us free.

The following are list of companies that give their products as FREE SAMPLES.
Many companies don’t even charge you for the shipping + handling cost . So people make good use of these companies and encash their ideas to improve their market , into free resources for robotics beginners.

100’s of links here CLICK HERE FOR ALL ELECTRONIC SAMPLES (i’ve redirected cos this page seemed to have really lot of links)  

So next time u wana buy any component, DARE U TAKE OUT YOUR PURSE.



5 thoughts on “FREE SAMPLES

  1. nice list.
    but remember one thing order exactly the samples u need.too much ordering cause blocking of whole fairchile did.
    i know phukat ka maal tastes good.but guys use it in a good way.

  2. Hi.. microchip was good but the redirection site doesn’t work .. give it a look .. also i found that is good .. i am getting a few samples hopefully in the next few days .. let’s see ..

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