Invobot launches New Web Directory

Yeah i’ve been kind of busy these days with lots of work. I am sorry not to have come up with any electronics stuff for the past few days. Well while i’m exploring the USB interface and other stuff to make my own usb based PIC programmer , i just spent yesterday and today drawing up a website at .

This is just an effort to link up cool technical sites together using a automated system. Instead of me finding good pages and linking up on my site each and everday i thought it would be worth an effort to make an automated system to just do that. The interface has been kept simple and made as appealing as possible. I just put up a few adsense boards to cover up the page. Well making money through adsense? well not. i am expecting the directory to accumulate the best links availabale for technical guys like us. Once things add up well over there i am planning to give the desinging to a professional and get the links perfect. Next time you need not search in google for relevant technical links. just drive in to and find what you want.

Your Valuable contribtuion would be if you can help add up to the pages whenever you found a good page under appropriate category.




One thought on “Invobot launches New Web Directory

  1. Robovigyan @ Pragyan 09 !!!

    Pragyan 09, the annual Technical Festival of National Institute Of Technology, Trichy presents Robovigyan, the Robotics Competition.To be held from February 12th, 2009 to February 15th, 2009.

    The Robovigyan event comprises of three challenges :

    1.Micro Mouse ( The Maze Traversing Mouse Contest )
    2.Square Route ( The Line Follower Competition)
    3.Slam Dunk ( Robots Playing Basketball )

    Micro Mouse :

    A Micromouse is an autonomous bot that should be able to traverse to the center of a given labyrinthic maze in the least possible time.
    Prize Money : More than INR 50,000/- in cash.
    Team: Team may consist of upto 5 participants
    (Not necessary to be from the same college).
    Rameez Raja ( +91 9941350239 )
    Manimaran S ( +91 9486193083 )

    Square Route:

    Problem Statement :
    Design an autonomous bot that navigates a path with rectangular loops and outputs the number of the largest loop.
    Prize Money : More than INR 20,000/- in cash.
    Team: A maximum of 3 members is allowed per team. (Not necessary to be from the same college).
    Anusha Balan +91 99440 74182
    Aswin Chander +91 94861 32312

    Slam Dunk:

    Problem Statement :
    Each team must build an autonomous bot and a manual bot.
    The teams will duel against each other to win matches viz. team A and team B.
    Team A has to try putting the ball in the Team B’s basket while Team B prevents Team A from doing so and vice versa.
    Team: A team can have up to 4 participants
    (Not necessary to be from the same college).
    Savio James +91 9994924521
    Prasanth P +91 9443909789

    For more details regarding rules & regulations,visit

    See you at Pragyan 09.

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