MP3 Player With PIC Microcontroller

Well it has been one of my long wish to make a Mp3 player for myself using a PIC. I had seen projects online dealing with voice recording on PIC to one that i hit today which talks about Mp3 player using a PIC. Well i dont own one so possibly i am inclided to make one. I Think i’l feel more comfortable listening to the only song in my Home – Made MP3 player than listening to many on a branded one.

Well this guy on this page called Jesper Hansen <>has just put up a whole site calle YAAP on his Homemade Mp3 Player . I am amused as his copyright statement on one of his earliest codes on the site dates “Copyright (C) 1989, 1991

I wonder Tehno guys just do it that fast. Alrite now i felt it was time for me to explore.
Soon i want to start working with this and come op with a beautiful INVOBOT Mp3 player!! Hmmm sounds too good already.

Well jesper has done all those with a AVR and DRAMs and since I Love PICs we’l have perfect cool PIC based MP3 player here.

Meanwhile i wanted to look into interfacing a DRAM and PIC. I found that too there and i thought i shall just pull it up here so that i don’t forget it later. I have not yet tinkered and explored those codes but its open for all. anyone try it and comment b4 me!!



I thing the code is pretty simple and you can get the explanation of this particular code and things on the site from where i hooked this up. The text is pretty small so make sure u feel comfortable reading it by pressing ctrl+”+” (i mean kepp control button pressed and press the “+” button to increase text size).



6 thoughts on “MP3 Player With PIC Microcontroller

  1. @Jay Kumar
    I realise i never gave any link.
    Well just google ” Jesper Hansen ” You’l get the list of projects by him on the first page in the list. Find mp3 player there.

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  3. application is cool …. but the idea is not made clear … how to make it …. what about the code … how music can be stored ….
    can anyone help me out in this …???

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