Mobile Controlled robot

I’m seeing my blog after days of work. I’m just over with a very busy schedule with my works and projects. This week was very eventfull participating in Kurukshetra “The Anna University techfest”.

There were three contests : Sumo Wrestling , Micromouse ,Triathlon
I came across few bots that i’l talk about here for the sumo wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

This is as simple as fighting with the other robot. maximum torque with the maximum wieght wins the game.Its all pretty simple if you have some high tech mechanism to tackle oponent hits or his push. But finally it boils down to how much force your bot has.The sheer power matters.
But not going into the details of mechanical design and the power and the rating and motors , I was more interested in few robots i came accross on the areana which had cool control techniques. Two more specific ones were a mobile controlled robot and another self designed priority encoder based remote control.

Mobile Controlled Robot

This is the sumo robot that was controlled by mobile phone. Now this is a pretty good way to utilize the available resources to control your robot. All you have to do is call the mobile phone from some number to the one located on the robot.Then keep pressing the keys from the mobile you called and make therobot move.

1)Ragavendra Prasad
4)Vanmsi krishna

From VIT college of engineering

How Does It Work ?

They used a 100 RPM motor and a metal chassis as seen in the picture. Now how to control a robot using mobile phone is what we are worried about . Now have you noticed that when someone calls you and he clicks on his keypad you’l recieve a tone.If you were more concious of that , did u note that each key pressed has a different tone.

Lo you’ve got a transmitter and a receiver. Now all you’ve got to do is decode the carious tones to detect the different switched pressed.These guys used a DTMF tone decoder.
HT9170 is the IC used to peroform tone decoding . This Ic gives out 4 bits based on the tones received. once we obtain the digitl data the following process is just a cakewalk. Use a Microcontroller and decode based on those bit combinations received give appropriate signals to the motors. Now that’s sounds really cool and simple.

Now how do you run the motor?? what! you still don get it? just make a call to the robot and make it move 🙂

That was good work right .


65 thoughts on “Mobile Controlled robot

  1. please help me soon ..i am trying to find a way such that light from ir recieves photodiode after reflection from ground only ….please suggest a way and send to my email

  2. hello dear,
    i am curiously interested in this case .
    A Hot topic sure.
    how it works actually ?
    i would like to fit a camera to it and want to let it fly to take photos [ or if possible video ] from the sky . is it possible ?
    can i control the movement of such a robot and whether it can send the video instantly to my computer .
    hello pleeeeeeeeeees reply i am really interested.
    my mail addresses
    pls do reply.

  3. Hi
    I am a demonstrator in AEYA ( and our students are making a project just like yours, but we have some conflicts in the code.
    Interfacing the PIC16F877A to the mobile.
    So how can you help us.
    Thanks for your time
    for contacts

  4. sir is nybody req at receiving end to answer to the call?

    till what range can it work?

    can u plz mail me the circuit diagram

  5. hello,sir it’s really great,
    will u plz send me the ckt diagram and interfacing concept.
    i’m despirately waiting for your reply.
    plz send it as soon as possible,
    actually i’m trying to make it more innovative so i need ur help.

  6. we r unable to make it bcoz we haven’t it’s please send me all the possible ckt of this project.

  7. I am also working on mobile controlled robot. But when i connected the output of my ear phone( which is with mic) to the input of dtmf decoder IC I am not getting the output….PLZ HELP ME

    • ya sometimes the ear phones does not work. So whem we do the same project we use the jack ie jack to the head set of the mobile .So take the internal diagram of jack ,then cut it and coonet the ground to gnd and another one to tip.I hope u will get the output.

  8. hi now iam doing the same project cell phone controlled robot but i am not gettting the wanted output .if it is emebeded please send that circuit for me

  9. sir please send me the circuit for this project….
    m really interested in doing this project..

  10. Hello…

    I am also doin the same type of project… Can u please tell me how to connect the handsfree of the cellphone to the DTMF decoder. i am using HT9170… Can u please help me & send me the circuit diagram…
    my id is

    waiting for ur reply…

  11. daer friends,
    i am a btech student.I am doing the same project.But i came across a problem that , while i cut the call from the mobile iam unable to stop the robot i.e the last performed function will continued.I just want to stop the robot while the call get cut off.If any one knows the remedy plzzzzzzz help me ….expecting a reply..very soon
    yours lovingly

  12. please send me the circuit diagram of GSM (SMS) Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot.i hv to submit my sysnopsis by tommorrow. thanks

  13. i am very much interested in this topic and i want to do a topic relating this…
    please can u just send how to interface mobile n decoder…
    help me knowing this

  14. hey!I am very much interested in your project. and i wish to work on it. so can you please send me the details of your project including the project report.

  15. Hi Madhan,

    I am glad to see your post on my ROBOT. Thank you.

    Hi guys,
    For more information on making of this robot you can visit my blog or my site (still under construction). You can find the complete document here, including ckt diag and code.
    web :

  16. Respected sir,
    i want detail ckt of mobile controlled robot with receiving section,decoding,motor driving ics.Can you help me please

  17. Dude ,
    I am studying in BITS Pilani and I really like your concept . I would be obliged if u could mail me some more information regarding your model and connections . I would love to expand and enhance the model with some more additions.
    I will be waiting for your reply.
    My email id :

  18. please sir
    i have an idea to make a project of GSM CONTROLLED ROBOT ON MY TECHFEST.
    please send ckt diagram as soos as possible

  19. hai frnds am also intrested to make that type of project pls send me detail as early as possible i.e ckt diagram, project details

  20. Dear Sir,
    I wanna the circuit and full description of programming(op-code) for the mobile control robot.
    And I also want to attach an robo arm to lift the some weight.
    Plz send me this information I am very thank ful to you sir.

  21. sir please send me the circuit for this project….
    m really interested in doing this project..

  22. sir, here i aso want more details about this project the circuit and full description of programming(op-code) for the mobile control robot.. and sure i’ll be verythankful to you sir. if can please send me the above as soon as posible, so that i can finish my final year project on time. thank you sir..(

  23. pls send me the circuit diagram of GSM mobile phone controlled intelligent robot. I have to submit my synopsis by tommorow…..thnku

  24. Hi m vikas a m.e. Student of mit moradabad i m deeply interested in the idea of a mobile control robot pls give complete information abot the above article

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