Workshop at NIT Hamirpur

Last week I had a very hectic but equally enjoyable time at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, India. Almost 3000+ Kilometers from Chennai, where I live. I was invited to Hamirpur to conduct a two day hands on session on autonomous robotics for more than 50 student at the university where students came from all over the country.

Hamipur is quite far from other cities and lies at the foothills of Himalayas. An amazingly wonderful place to study and meditate.

People at Hamirpur are so loving and caring that I wouldn’t mind staying there for an extended period of time. We started the first day with a very formal inauguration with all department heads present.

It was a Hindi speaking crowd and I unleashed my Hindi speaking skill after 5 years and I think I enjoyed it. The event was a stand alone event and was called ROB ‘ O’ SHOP. Participants were undergraduate level engineering students including final year students from various engineering disciplines.

Here are few pictures of the class during my workshop. Find me right above the word “H” in the word ROBOSHOP!



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