Invobot the New Look

Invobot website has been changed with the changing requirement and popularity of the kits provided at the site. Invobot is a workshop company based in Chennai. The Kits offered deal with beginner robotics to advanced automation . Computer control is one of the new addition to the kits.

A link to Robotics Educational Kits

Invobot conducts the cheapest and the best workshops on robotics in India. The curriculum is based on teaching you the concepts and some hands on experience so that you can get into business on your own in future in this Field.

we have had 6 robotic beginner workshops as of now which also include the one at National Institute of Technology hamirpur

If you want to link to the site and become a web partner you can use the image below

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Invobot is also looking for people to be employed in this field. if you want to work part time and you are situated at Chennai , India just send a mail after you go through the company details.

If you are willing to deal with invobot products then have a opportunity to trade Invobot Robotic Kits and products.

Overall a complete renovation aiming at revolution in educational robotic culture in India.



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