Micromouse contest – on the way!!!!

This was on my mailbox and i just felt the need to keep my readers aware of it.

Welcome to MindSpark 07! MindSpark is the annual technical festival of College of Engineering Pune. MindSpark will be conducted this year on 5th, 6th and 7th October. We have a host of events lined up as part of MindSpark including Robotics, Paper Presentation, Business Plan contest, programming contests, Contraptions and Circuit design competitions. COEP is proud to associate with IITBombay Techfest in their Nexus initiative.

The Robotics event has three competitions Micromouse (the standard autonomous robot competition), Dogfight (Manual robots slug it out against each other in a pick-and-place competition) and IITB Techfest Nexus. The preliminary round for Techfest Vertigo will be held at COEP under Nexus, the winner gaining a direct entry at the IITB Techfest in January.

The prize money for Micromouse and Dogfight is a cool total of Rs.70,000 (20k + 15k for each event). Accomodation facilities will also be provided on the college campus with a nominal fee of Rs.150 per participant for three days. Online registrations for the competitions has started. Register yourself as early as possible.

See you at MindSpark!

for more details –

Contact – Vineet 09823743030 (Co-ordinator, Robotics)

My friend pratap is one of the co-ordinators of this event, and he is a very friendly person so i take the liberty of posting his contact too.Guys have fun participating!!!

Pratap Tokekar
Co-ordinator, Events
MindSpark 07


5 thoughts on “Micromouse contest – on the way!!!!

  1. I am a 8th grade teacher in NC and came across your site while researching some information about robotics for my tech class this year. I just wanted to thank you first of all for the great information and articles about robotics, and second let you know about a site we are putting together for teachers that might have some useful information for your site.

    We would love it if you could write a few articles for us, or link to some of the current articles to help us spread trusted resources to other teachers. I have included a link to the site below in hopes you might want to write some articles for us or link to it.

    Thanks and keep the great resources coming 🙂

    Bre Matthews


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