Madan Kumar Thangavelu

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Oregon State University
2130 Kelley Engineering Center
Corvallis, OR 97331-5501

email : madankumar.t@gmail.com


19 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Madan
    My name is Gunasekaran (40/M) and Iam working ofr HPCL.Iam happy to see your website and the materials on PIC Microcontroller (specially to move a stepper motor by PIC). I am basically a civil engineer but interested in electronics (hobby). I am new microcontrollers but I am searching the web to get a good tutorial for the same. Thankyou I will keep in touch with you.

  2. hi,
    saw your site and like the mcu portion a lot.I am starting off with PIC MCU’s.Have done some work on it.
    How did you get started with using them?

  3. Dear Madan,
    Its really informative..I am a final Sem ECE student from Govt. Model Engg.College, Cochin, Kerala. I got ur address from Dr. Prahalad’s robo group.
    I am also very much interested in Robotics and electronics ckts.My main project is a voice controlled wheelchair..

    Its ur site gives basic idea about so much of things.. Now i would like to give ur site ID to my friends too. It will anyway help everyone…
    Great work..

  4. Dear Madan

    I need information about Robotic contest in INDIA. Basically I am a computer engineer & previously I done Voice Activated Robot that got first Prize in Bangladesh and also got 2nd prize in Pakistan. This website gives me information about Robotic Contest but that was for 2006. If any contest will be held on 2007 in INDIA, PAKISTAN & NEPAL please give me some information. Your website really gives me encouragement to fire myself again

    For Reader
    If you need help for
    1. Voice reorganization
    2. Face reorganization
    3. GSM 900 Frequency Jammer
    4. Interface & Parallel Port control

    etc then email me & help me also share with your knowledge.

  5. me,with my friends wanted to learn about robotics ..
    we r from chennai but doing studies in nit,jaipur..
    so is there any workshop or anything held during this dec2007..
    if so can u give details of courses & fees

  6. Hey Madan,

    I am Santosh Murali and I got an admit in EECS department at Oregon State University. I got your mail id from Dilip . He told me that you are going to graduate this year. I thought of asking you about the university, how the funding scenario and job oppurtunities currently. I also got Upitt, Auburn, UT arlington, and Colorado boulder. Having a hard time chosing the university. Upitt is very costly, and do u think it is worth the money? And everyone said oregon is cheap and too gud for EECS. Please do reply when you got time.


    Santosh Murali

  7. My name is Yoram i am from Amsterdam Netherlands (54/m) I studied at my youth( long ago)Electricity/electronics at the junior college.Went later into business. Now at my age I am back to my hobby (electronics) and looking for a good source to learn proggraming Pics and robotics.(I have no experiece at all in programming in what ever language).
    Where do I start ?

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