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The various topics that you need to know are given in a series in a manner that you will understand. Please don't jup links and end up not understanding and scolding me(like i do for most web articles).I have given nothing crap.I have tried to be to the point and precise(no ewxtra masalla stuff).

1)Types of microcontroller

2)Start a project

3)Write a simple code and compile

4)Burning it into PIC

5)PIC connections on breadboard

Types of Microcontroller

PIC are basically a range of microcontrollers like the AVR,ATMEL in which you can burn your code up. PIC are preferred for their simple working and the efficient in controlling systems. There are two types of PIC 8-bit and 16 bits . This primarily means the lnumber of bits of the accumulator. If you have already finished your coue of Microprocessers in your school you’l be very well knowing what I’m talking about. Others don’t worry, in 8 bit any register can carry a maximum value of “FF” wheras in a 16 bit controller you can have a maximum register value of “FFFF”.Just open your Microsoft calculator and convert the given hex values to binary and note he number of bits… aha now u know.


Now the mostly used are the 8 bit PICs . Now * bit pics range from a simple eight pin chip to a staggering 40 pin chips.


Having a 8 pin chip would be so compact yet you can code in about 1kb (or more) of program, you may get more coding space with a 40 pin one.





More than looking at the space constrains and the memory constrains the main deciding factor for selecting a PIC is the number of pins or external lines you need to control your system. For example if I just need to light up one small LED whenever my sensor detects something then all I would need is one pin for getting the input from the sensor and the other pin to act as output for the LED. Another example would be where you would need to drive a 5 lead unipolar stepper motor which would need eight pins just to drive mtotr.In such systems you would want more pins to work with.

PIC 16F877
It is a fourty pin chip . of the fourty oins 32 pins are ports that can be used for external connections to control your system. This pic need an external oscillator to run the controller. It has an inbuilt A/D convertor.

PIC 12F629

It is a small 8 pin chip. It has 8 5 pins aloted for input and output(IO) functions. a very similar PIC 12F675 has an inbuit A/D convertor.

Learning one PIC will almost be as good as knowing all the PICS.



2 thoughts on “Micro Controller datapage1

  1. hey send me some more info on interfacing microcontrollers with camera and synchronizing the image rate of the camera so that i can transmit images wirelessly to the serial port

  2. hello sir,

    I am doing a project on PIC24FJ256GB110 controller and i am finding it difficult to interface dot matrix printer to the controller please can you help me in finding the source code for the same in C-language.I have to accept the data from the port pins and print it so need help please give guidance??

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