Microcontroller datapage2

Write a simple code in MikroC

I had suggested you all to use a compiler available for free on the firat page of this text. in case you had missed it find it here .

now let us go in steps.


now the initial screen will look like this as shown below.(sorry i couldn accomodate the whole picture so i'l give you clips as i explain.. jus search them in the window!!
DO the following steps

1) change the PIC number you wioll be using

2) type in the clock frequency you will work on the PIC. untill you have come to actual working with PIC select a random clock okie!!!


3)Click Projects >> Open Projects and in the dialogue box that appers select Exaples>>P16F877A>Led_blinking.ppc


then save the project with your own name elsewhere. now why all this and not just "OPEN NEW PROJECT" is because it kept giving me a Preprocessor error most of the times. Now what is that error.. well i din try to find out (i anyone does tell me pl). Doin what i have suggested will never give you any errors.



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