PC Based Osciloscope : Winscope 2.51

This is one cool software that very robotic engineer must have. All credits to Konstantin Zeldovich . Its working is quite simple,just connect the probe to your sound card and watch the wave on your monitor. Its an amazin oscilloscope for budding roboteers than buyin a 20Ghz oscilloscope for about 20K which you'l nerver be using that high frequencies.For most newbie application the range that it offers that's 20Hz – 20Khz is quite enough. it gives variable gains, XY mode. and then its so handy and comes in a small ZIP package.

Download it from here .

Is this not enough to try this FREE software?? well then have a look at this

Trust me its awesome. Follow the link for downloading it above and make your personal oscilloscope in seconds.

P.S:- It comes along with a readme file and a 55kb help file.Just have look


21 thoughts on “PC Based Osciloscope : Winscope 2.51

  1. Does winscope show any distortions when u take a jack (can be a plain un connected one) when u connect to line in. If that shows distortions then it is working. But next if it doesn show any distortions activate youi microphone recording option enabled. Xp doesn have anyth do do with it not working. (Even i’m using Xp dude!!)

  2. I agree with response no.1 .It does not matter mic in or line in the scope shows nothing. It did not even down load the help file.USELESS!!!!!!

  3. Hi Guys..
    for those who cant get it to werk … there’s a “play” button on the menubar ontop, and a “pause” button beside it. You have to click the “play” button for it to start working… my 2 cents cause it took me a good 5 min

  4. hi my question is, when i used this software does the voltage of the signal that i am going to measured can it be dangerous for my laptop

  5. Hi, I was sent your link by Elenco Electronics, maker of Electronics Snap Circuits Model CI-73 which we bought for our young Grandson. Do you make this software for a mac osx 5.8
    My Grandson loves making projects and it would be great if I could hook up to my mac and let him see the waveforms.
    Thanks, Art

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