Making a Address Selective Rf transmitter

Heard of Rf 433 Khz serial transmiter module? Well once you take it to a contest it may clash with other people using the same frequency transmitter module. Now one inovative idea i saw at the kurukshetra contest was a Address selective Encoder and decoder.

This robot was made for the sumo wrestling contest. As we discussed the concept of only the remote in the previous post on mobile controlled robot the concept of rf trasmition will be discussed here. It was brought to the contest by Vineeth,Santhanam,Sundararaman,Raghuram of PSG college of engineering.


Now this is the pin configuration of the HT12 series .It has pins A0-A7 which makes it 8 bits of address. The D8-D11 which is 4 bits long.
So if you need to send four bits of data and you set a particular address selected then the IC automatically generates a serial out of the address bits + data bits.

This serial out from pin 17 can be given to a serial tx433 module for tramnsmission.


This is the decoder. The serial address+data trasmitted by the module is recovered at the second part of the module and is given serially to the HT12D IC which correlates the adress set to it if it matches the send address. If so it will paralle out 4 data lines. “This mechanism works much better to receive even when others are using the same frequency” says vineeth.

Transmitter and the Robot


That’s a good deal of work neverthless it works!!


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